S-Wrap™ Technology

Method of Impregnation

Direct Benefits

  • Speed
    • Production speeds of up to 100 ft./min.
  • Increased heating zone
    • Heating zone has increased from 3/8″ wide squeeze point at nip roll to 75″ wrap around four rolls.
    • Resin flow time has greatly increased, thus allowing more time for full impregnation
  • Wider range of materials can be processed
    • Unidirectional tapes.
    • Woven fabrics up to 1000 g/m2.
    • Woven fabrics with 0°, 90°, +45° bias.
    • Needle punch carbon fiber mats.
  • Efficiency and consistency
    • With no squeeze point there are no hydraulic forces (resin damming) acting on the fiber to distort weave, create voids or gaps, or to change width of product.
    • Accurate and consistent AFW (Areal Fiber Weight).
    • Does not disturb finished product width and thereby decreases waste.

Indirect Benefits

  • Lower costs
    • Labor no longer needs to be specialized.
  • With low carbon fiber elasticity the paper does not stretch and is allowed to massage the resin into the fiber bundle.
  • Does not force the resin into the fiber bundle, thereby destroying the preconditioned parameters such as film (resin) weight and film spread.
  • Creates a carbon paper-like finish on final product that is highly desirable in such industries as sporting goods.
  • Eliminates hairline cracks in Prepeg.