Litzler/WAECO Prepreg

12” Pilot Machine

Designed for development work and low-volume production, the pilot machine carries all the technology of our full-size production machines at an entry level for capital cost.

  • Sophisticated creel for accurate tension control
  • Upper and lower knife coaters (Filmers) for on-line resin application
  • Fiber spreading with proprietary WAECO technology
  • Compaction rolls with Nip or S-Wrap thread-up modes
  • Adhesive laminator available
  • Multiple unwinds/rewinds for poly liners, resin application, and paper winding
  • Capable of fabric Prepreg and scrim laminating
  • On-line slitting available
  • Prepreg heating and cooling plates
  • Sophisticated cantilevered winders for large diameter winding
  • Litzler Automation Control System
  • AFW range: 10-1,000 GSM
  • UD and fabric capabilities
  • Sporting goods to Aerospace quality Prepregs

Production Machines

Production machines are the world standard for high quality Prepreg manufacturing. Machines are available up to 60 inches wide.

Litzler/WAECO recommends the unique S-Wrap technology for all customers. All machines are capable of Nip configuration and S-Wrap configuration. The S-Wrap configuration gives the manufacturer the ability to increase production speeds up to 100 fpm and increase overall quality.

The Litzler high-speed line has two configurations, aerospace style and industrial/sporting goods style. 

  • Aerospace quality relies on large diameter compaction rolls to maximize uniformity across the Prepreg sheet – typically at least 18” in diameter
  • Sporting goods/industrial products can save capital costs and utililize smaller diameter compaction rolls (typically 14”) for standard grades of Prepreg

Speeds up to 100 fpm are possible with the S-wrap configuration versus approximately 30 fpm with the nip-style. Dual dimensions are also available.

Machines include:

  • Creels with multiple levels of tension control
  • Tow spreading with multiple smooth bars and available with oscillation for special fibers
  • Tow heating and cooling plates
  • Multiple unwinds and rewinds for pre-cast film, liners, scrims, and woven fabrics
  • Compaction stations and rubber pull nip stands
  • Gap setting can be manual or automated
  • Slitting stations with automated trim removal
  • On-line coaters available
  • Winders with large diameter winding mandrels
  • Up to six position turret winders for high speed machines
  • Litzler Automation control systems with PLC and touch screen control with remote monitoring

Applications include:

  • Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Aramid Fibers
  • Thermoset and Thermoplastic applications
  • Unidirectional and woven Prepregs
  • Woven fiber impregnation without weave distortion
  • Ballastic, sporting goods and aerospace applications
  • Resin and adhesive coating systems
  • Fiber creels: 10-1500 positions