The Litzler Focus…

We focus on what we do best – Custom Designed Hot Melt and Solution Prepreg Systems.

Front Mach
Western Advanced Engineering Co. (WAECO) pioneered and perfected high speed “S-wrap”™ fiber impregnation and WAECO machines are now produced by C. A. Litzler Co., Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. Litzler, a long-time specialist in Solution Prepreg Systems, acquired the WAECO assets in 2011. Our Prepreg machines are now designed and engineered specifically to improve the productivity and versatility of Prepreg manufacturing.

Litzler is a third generation firm with over 140 dedicated professionals ready to focus our expertise on each and every Prepreg customer. From Litzler World Headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio, we oversee projects around the world in the composites industry. With over 100 machines worldwide between Litzler and WAECO, we have the experience and expertise to supply any style Prepreg machine.

The WAECO Prepreg machines built by Litzler incorporate all of the best features to meet the manufacturing requirements for industries ranging from aerospace to sporting goods.

The Hot Melt Prepreg process relies on several key components to result in a high quality product:

  • Fiber Tension and Fiber Spreading
  • High Quality Resin Application
  • Consistent Impregnation and Gap Control
  • Machine Integration